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Educate communities by helping them develop effective money management skills, learn how to use credit responsibly and adequately plan for retirement, to ensure they have a prosperous financial life for their family and future generations.


Generate wealth not debt.


H.E. Freeman Enterprises is a financial consulting company that has helped thousands of clients increase their monthly cash flow and net worth. We use various tools such as Fintech to help our clients achieve their goals.

We save our clients money in fees, interest and penalties. 

Our financial consultants help potential homeowners position themselves to purchase a home within 1-5 years.

Sign up for one of our services today and join our personal finance community.

We Support

We support Veterans
we support Elderly
we support Nonprofit organizations

Meet The Team

Harrine Freeman image

Harrine Freeman, CEO  |  Phone: 855-529-6283

Harrine Freeman is one of country’s most trusted financial experts and financial authors. She has written two books. Harrine has reached millions through her seminars, workshops and hundreds of media appearances. She has been a contributor to Yahoo, US News and World Report, Huffington Post, Time, and The Washington Post, and appearing on Fox, CBS, NBC and many more.

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